Willow Gallery 

I use willow in all of my sculptures. Some sculptures - usually the larger ones and definitely the two legged ones - might have an element of steel armature and possibly the occasional bamboo cane. 
Double click on image to zoom or open in a new window as images are often larger than what you can see here!  
If you would like further photos of the sculptures please contact me - I often have alternative views! 
Floating willow balls - look great with or without lights! (lights not supplied) 
Happy Chicken Trio. 
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Indian Runner Ducks. 
Ducks in a Row. 
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Pair of Sheep. 
Grazing Sheep - closeup. 
Alert Sheep - closeup. 
Moon-gazing Hare - Back. 
Moon-gazing Hare - Side. 
Kite in flight. 
Pig - head down. 
Pig - head down - rear view. 
Pig - head down - closeup. 
Fairy - Spirit of Freedom. 
Pig - head up. 
Pig - head up - closeup. 
Pig - head up - rear view. 
Large Ball. 
Large Hanging Heart - made for a wedding and to be adorned with flowers but after the wedding to hang on the wall with framed photos inside it. 
Barn Owl. 
Goose and Gosling. 
Barn Owl in Flight. 
Goose and her brood! 
Hare - back. 
Hare - front. 
Large Eagle in Flght (over 7ft wingspan!)! 
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